What’s the best guitars for beginners?

Hey guys and gals today we’re going to be looking at

What are the best guitars for beginners.

So lets start off with the first major topic:

Acoustic or electric?

Alot of people will naturally gravitate towards the acoustic side. I know alot of people told me when I first started that I should have picked acoustic first. I even had a few people flat out tell me “you suck! why did you get an electric?” (pretty rude, right?). You’re not going to be good when you first start. Only a select few prodigies are, and if you’re one of them…well I hate you.

But really, its going to take practice no matter which instrument you choose. If you know that ultimately you want to play electric guitar, but feel like you should start “right” with an acoustic or have someone else telling you that….GO WITH ELECTRIC.

You always have the option to learn acoustic fundamentals on an electric guitar. I also want to point out that you shouldn’t jump right in to playing your favorite rock songs. Learn proper fingering for open chords, and get a good solid foundation in the beginning. Remember, this takes time and your fingers will indeed hurt…a lot! Push through it and practice every day. This is especially important in the beginning.

On to the fun stuff

Electric guitars.

Entry level: Starter bundle

So, you may be eyeing a cool guitar starter pack, with a tuner, some picks, a book, a strap…..you get the idea?

While these are great to get started, you outgrow them very quickly. Many of these guitars are of poor quality. The Fender Squire comes to mind. This was my first guitar, and I got it from a starter kit. I thought it was awesome….until I started to learn how to play. The action on the guitar was very high. (this is the distance between the strings and the neck). This makes playing very difficult for no added benefit. I also wanted to learn techniques like palm muting which was impossible on the tiny amp, and the bridge of this guitar. I ended up buying another guitar within a few months. Its not like I’m a fast learner, or anything. The guitar just wasn’t good, and I didn’t enjoy playing on it.

However, If you are unsure that you want to play, you don’t know how seriously you’re going to take this, and you just want to try it. Then perhaps a starter pack is for you. just to be on the safe side.

But, if you know you want to play and you are dead set on learning the guitar and overcoming the challenges….you’re in it for the long haul. I suggest you steer away from this setup


Skip the starter pack and pick out your own gear.

Mid Level:

Epiphone SgNow THIS is where the fun stuff is. That second guitar that I told you about…It’s still my favorite even over my American made Fender Strat ($1,000). I’ve broken this thing, repaired it, broke it again. The guitar just wont die, and I love it to death. It’s a $400 Epiphone Sg.

The one I’ve shown here is the Epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar, and it’s only $319 right now at guitar center.

This is a great guitar that is likely to last you the majority of your playing career. Its extremely versatile, and that’s why I still love it. It has four tuning knobs, and 3 channels. You can control the tone for each channel, with the middle setting being a mixture of the two. When set to the treble channel this baby has a really mean bite. You get a real defined crunch out of the highs, and good control over the bass. It’s got a mahogany body (which is good quality) and rosewood neck (which doesn’t get dry, and hides residue buildup well).

When I say this guitar is versatile, I’m not kidding. If you want to play some fast attacking metal, you can because the action is set low and makes pressing down much easier on the fingers. If you switch over to the rhythm channel this baby will ring for days. And it sounds good on clean or distortion.

IbanezOther options:

There are plenty of other guitars in the $200-$400 range that will suit you just fine.

Ibanez is a very underrated brand. They make good quality guitars that also have a lot of range in terms of playability and style. Many people look at these and say they are just for metal (because of their looks) then they look at the price, and say…this must be a bad guitar because it is cheap. This is simply not true. I know alot of people who play on Ibanez guitars (myself included) they really are a great bang for your buck….and I think they look pretty sweet.


High level:

I don’t recommend starting out with an expensive, high level guitar. You would probably love it and play it endlessly. Realistically though, you have to budget yourself when starting. By the time you are ready to make a large investment commitment to your craft, your tastes will likely have changed. You will have learned what you like and what you don’t like, and hopefully by this point you will be pretty good.



I leave you with a good demonstration on versatility for the Epiphone g-400

(very similar to the Epiphone sg posted above just with slightly higher price point)

Phillip Dahir


  1. Interesting article! I’m a bit of an amateur at guitar still. I purchased the Esteban starter pack a while back and watched through the first videos. I’m not sure I’d recommend it. He starts into some rather advanced songs before explaining scales. Interesting tips on what to start out with, some good ideas here!

    • The video I got with my started kit sounds a little more down to earth than this one you got haha. Sorry that happened to you. How are you enjoying the guitar?

  2. I love guitars and I’m a guitarist myself, I agree one should not buy the cheapest guitars even as a total beginner, because they wont sound good and you wouldn’t enjoy them, and soon as you start to improve you will notice this even more. But also, you don’t have to pick a professional guitar as well that costs thousands. So, a good price inexpensive beginner guitar should be considered.

    • Hey Elias, thanks for the comment! How long have you been playing guitar? And what kind of guitar do you play on?

  3. Interesting post there. My friends are looking for new guitar right now and he just learn about 1 month. Would recommend this site to him

    • Tell you friends to shoot me any questions they have, or any guitars they might be interested in. Maybe I can help them make a good decision for their need!

  4. Wow thank you for the great advice, I never thought of starting out with an electric guitar but it sounds like fun. What brand do you think I should start with that you recommend for beginners?

    • Electric guitar definitely keeps the fun factor involved in the learning process. I think that Epiphone is a great starting brand for anyone because of the many styles you can achieve through that guitar. They are essentially affordable versions of the popular Gibson Brand (since they are owned by them). Also check out the brands Washburn, and Ibanez. Their guitars in the $200-$400 price range are sure to get the job done.

      Amp wise, I would start off with a decent size Crate or Line 6 amp. The Line 6 comes LOADED with presets and allows you to customize your sounds, and figure out what tones you like. So I recommend these amps for beginners, also the price point on some of their amps is UNREAL considering how much they pack into it. They are very affordable and a great starter amp.

  5. I have been playing the classical guitar but also played electric guitar but like you write if you like to play an instrument buy a decent one, not the cheapest but you do not need to go for acoustic if you want to play electric. It is all about learning and just doing or take lessons which I did for a couple of years. Great article

    • Hey thanks for the thumbs up. Classical guitar seems like is VERY challenging. There seems to be a lot of technical precision that goes into, so kudos to you for going after it!

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