The Incredibly Versatile Suhr Antique Modern Guitar


This guitar, the Antique Modern by Suhr, is one of the most versatile instruments mine eyes have every seen. The amount of combinations you can make with the pickups alone is truly ridiculous. You can create just about any guitar sound from Tele’s to Strat’s to the Les Paul. This guitar does it all.

Just playing it through an Orange amplifier, this guitar cleans up like a proper gentleman at a bowtie affair, but a flick of the switch rips that bowtie right off to reveal an axe wielding maniac full of grit and beard oil.

Guthrie Govan

So the lanky fellow talking in the video is Guthrie Govan – the verrry talented guitar player. If you haven’t heard of him yet I recommend a youtube search. Set aside a good hour or two because, you’re gonna be sucked in for a hot minute. He may not be the most eloquent man, but his down to earth tone definitely comes through in his speech – and his guitar.

The amount of things he can do on a regular guitar is simply incredible, but watch what he can do on this guitar. It is called the “GG” series for a reason.

Sit back, take a listen. The guitar, and the player, are both incredibly unique.



PS: I have a great tone woods chart here on the website if you’re interested in what he’s talking about.
Click here to find out the truth on tonewoods


-Happy shredding


Phillip Dahir

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