Learn how an electric guitar is made – Time lapse video.

Learn how an electric guitar is made

The luthier in this video is Patrick Hufschmid, and I just recently stumbled upon his work. He makes some seriously cool guitars with notable influence from the popular brand PRS in the construction and headstock design.

I think this is a cool video to see inside the process, and really understand your instrument. If you’re not a fan of the fast forward wood cutting sound effects, you might want to put on some Spotify for this video, but I kind of enjoyed the sounds.

I’ve posted a gallery of his finished works below in the article so you can see his craftsmanship. Try to watch the whole video first before you go straight to the guitar porn though. 🙂

Also, a link to his site






















Phillip Dahir


  1. So you consider the almighty Ibanez RG or ‘superstrat’ body shape to be inspired by PRS guitars ? ok……… nice one…..

    • My apologies for the misunderstanding, you are absolutely correct about this body being similar to the Ibanez RG.

      I’ll admit, I’m not incredibly fond of the RG. Although that being said, The body shapes compared to each other are indeed identical, with a slight difference in styling of the bevel. For instance, I think Mr. Hufschmid’s guitar lacks a cutaway for the body (and that useful handle sometimes found on the RG), but adds the edge bevel.

      The main influence I saw from PRS was in the straight pull headstock design… very efficient, and very stylish. Also the treatment (or lack there of) of the wood. I prefer the natural grain to counter the….aggressiveness of the RG body. You wont find that sort of class on any Ibanez.

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