How to Make the Minor Pentatonic Sound More Interesting

If you’ve been practicing on your lead playing at all, I bet you’re familiar with the minor pentatonic scale. And if you’ve been playing on it for too long, I bet you’re sick of hearing the same common babble that you probably play all the time. Not to fear friends, I’ve found some sweet new material that will breath life into that dusty ole pentatonic scale.

Meet David Wallimann. He’s got a great channel that I have just linked here.

The video

That I’m showing today is the 5 Minor Pentatonic Hacks. Don’t let the word “hack” discount the information that’s being given. They are not cheesy or cheap, they get the job done, and get you thinking about the same old scale in a new and inviting way.

My favorite here is Hack #2: The bending approach. Going for a note that’s a half step away from the one you want to land on, and bending up to that landing place. This technique gives sophistication, and shows forethought in your playing style. A really cool way to add a personal touch, since I personally believe that a guitar players bend is one of the characteristics that defines a guitar player’s unique tone and style.

Enjoy the video, he gets straight to the point.






Phillip Dahir

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