Beginner Guitar Finger Exercises.

It’s hard to play any kind of technical parts when it feels like your pressing down on needles every day. Chances are if you’re a beginner, you and your small finger are not getting along. Also, playing an
F Major barre chord is completely impossible, and you’re quite sure anyone who can play one has been doing finger pushups to gain the strength.

Well those aren’t exactly what’s in store for you today, but think of these as a workout for your fingers. You should try to do these every day. Just like any workout, you will be terrible at first. You might be so bad, you can’t stand hearing yourself “play” for more than 20 seconds. Cheer up friends, and definitely don’t put down that guitar. Learn these exercises and you’ll be sounding like a guitar player in no time.


Beginner Guitar Finger Exercises.

Here are just a few basic left hand exercises to help build strength in all your fingers (yes i’m looking at you little pinky finger). The focus should be on pressing firmly with every finger. Start slow and gradually build up speed. Find a tempo where you have good accuracy, but is also challenging. Keep your thumb pressed firmly on the back of the neck during these routines. This will help give you more pressing power in the fingers

Guitar finger exercises beginners

This is a basic starter that uses all four fingers going in order from 1st to 4th. This chart above starts using the open strings (0), but you can start anywhere on the neck and just use the 1,2,3,4 (those are your fingers) method. Once you go all the way up to the top, go back down. Keep doing this repeatedly down the fretboard.

guitar finger exercises beginners

This one is definitely my favorite and it really works that 4th finger (the 11th fret in the diagram). Complete the 2 bars of the chart, then do the same on the next string. Be sure to keep that thumb pressed down. When you hit the top string, work your way back down. Don’t worry about playing fast, just take your time and focus on accuracy.

Once you get comfortable with these using a standard -downward- picking motion, switch to alternate picking (picking up and down).


 Guitar Finger Exerciser Tool

Fender Guitar Finger Exerciser Tool

I recommend you pick up This Guitar Finger Exerciser Tool by Fender. It’s great for improving quickly, and you can take it anywhere with you so you don’t always need your guitar. I’ve seen many others like it, and they usually break very easily because they’re made from cheap plastic. Also, they are very uncomfortable to hold in your hand so you won’t be using it for very long. This one by Fender, however, has much better design and quality. It feels great to hold, and will definitely show you improvements if you stick with it – Plus it’s got a one year Fender warranty. When held side by side with other exerciser tools, there is simply no comparison in the build, so it’s definitely worth it to spend the extra few dollars and get the name brand one.


Keep up the hard work chaps, and don’t give up.
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    • The other, weaker, thumbs best watch out! With these exercises, you will no doubt be crowned champion of the appendages

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